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Neumann U67

In age we live it is very important to get the best bargain for your hard earned money. So there is zero reason to over pay for a Neumann U67 when there are dozens of your items for auction online. You also have to consider this, auction sales are one of the biggest and most used online purchasing techniques in the world. This site is set up to help you locate the Neumann U67 everyone is searching for and at least find a better price over retail prices. If you don't see the exact price you are searching for below. Use the search tool just up on the right to input the brand you have your heart set on.

Sims wrote:

Last week I bought my Neumann U87 HEAD GRILL U67 on Amazon.
Herb wrote:
Got my Vintage NEUMANN U87/ U67 KK87 shockmount years ago and am totally pleased how much it cost.
Kimberely wrote:
Today I bought my The Neumann U-67 publication regarding its common problems and solutions at a yard sale.
Chiquita wrote:
Last week my wife bought my Neumann U87Ai Case (Suitable for U67, TLM67) on Amazon.
Verlene Odell wrote:
Last week my daughter found my Peluso P67 Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser Microphone (Neumann U67 Style Mic) at a yard sale.
Laronda Tippit wrote:
Recently my daughter bought my Telefunken U67 NEUMANN U67 EXTREMELY RARE MINT CONDITION at garage sale.
Marya wrote:
Got my Korby KAT67 Head Neumann U67 Style Capsule for KAT System years ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Jeremy wrote:
Got my NEUMANN Grille for U87/U87Ai/U67/M269/M369 Microphones - matt Version (mt) some time ago and am really happy the transaction.
Vicente Manville wrote:
Got my Mic cable 7pin for Neumann U 67 U67 vintage Tube condenser microphone 20 feet years ago and am totally pleased the quality.
Yetta wrote:
Just last week I found my Neumann Microphone Woodbox U87 for U 87, U 87 Ai or U 67 on eBay.
Cindi Fielding wrote:
Recently my kids picked up my Neumann U67 Microphone on eBay.
Christeen wrote:
Today my daughter picked up my Peluso MT67/87N Quality Shock Mount - Fits Neumann U67-U87 Nicke on Amazon.
Briana wrote:
Recently my son-in-law picked up my Neumann U67 Microphone Replacement Tube Amperex EF86 NOS at garage sale.
Cathie Rahaim wrote:
Got my NEW Peluso Spider Shock Mount for use with Neumann U67 / U87 Microphone Mics weeks ago and am really happy the transaction.
Lucile wrote:
Got my TELEFUNKEN M 701 Shock Mount for R-F-T Series microphones and Neumann U87 / U67 hours ago and am really happy the transaction.
Kimberely wrote:
Last week my son-in-law bought my Peluso Microphone Labs P-K67 Mic Capsule, Direct Replacement for Neumann U67/87A on Amazon.
Torrie wrote:
Last week my daughter found my NEUMANN Microphone Case Badge for U47/M49/U87/U67/M269 etc NOS*50s at garage sale.

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